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We have a wide range of SDI Polanight
dental tooth whitening products. 
Polanight is made from carbamide
peroxide and the gels come in a strength
range of 10%, 16% and 22% carbamide
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We have a wide range of SDI Poladay
dental teeth whitening gel products. 
SDI Poladay is made from hydrogen
peroxide and the gels come in a strength
that range of 3.5%, 7.5%, 9.5%.
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SDI PolaZing is 35% carbamide peroxide
and is a power whitening treatment. This
is much more stronger than the 22%
polanight formula. If you love the SDI
Pola brand and need a booster
whiteningh treatment then this product
is for you. Ideal if you want to speed up
your dental whitening treatment.
If you are looking for a whitening pen type product
then it has got to be Britesmile!  This is a premium
dental brand. The packaging is also luxury. 
This is ADVANCED whitening on the go. Put is your
bag or in your shirt pocket. Take your pen with you
when you travel. Simply click the pen and it will put a
dose of dental bleach onto the brush and then you
simply paint your teeth and let the gel dry. No need
for trays with this system. This system could never
be as effective as a gel and tray system but ideal if
you travel.
HappySmile dental bleach is available in 16% and 22%
Carbamide peroxide 3ml dental syringes. This product is
very high quality. We also supply HappySmile gels in bulk
50 Packs. This product is popular with the dentist and
patient. FREE dental marketing surgery posters. FREE
samples to all UK dental surgeries. No reported sensitivity.
Customers rate this product the best dental bleach they
have ever used even telling dentists about it.  This product
contains a range of in built soothers including fluoride and
potassium nitrate so it prevents any sensitivity. A very
powerful but gentle whitening treatment. Dentist Approved
Formula.  Low price and FREE delivery. Think HappySmile!
These are crest strips supreme  and are
more powerful strips to use at home.
These strips have a higher strength 14%
hydrogen peroxide. Faster results. You
wil not find a stronger strip and it is also
made by Crest too a very popular brand.
The good news is you pay HappySmile
LOW prices with FREE delivery.
Optident is a popular dental brand also
known as Opalescence.
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Colgate is a high quality brand in the
dental industry and we offer a dental
bleach that is available in 9% Hydrogen
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visit the Happy Smile Superstore
We have a wide range of Opalescence
tooth whitening products in stock at
such a great low prices and FREE
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Beyond Max 5 and Max 10 is the leading
professional laser teeth whitening refill
product. Perfect for dentists and salons.
To learn more about Beyond dental
products click button. Lowest prices in
the UK with FREE delivery.
Bravo is a very high quality product
made by Premusa. Very popular with the
dentist & patient and offers excellent
whitening results and is available in an
advanced hydrogen peroxide formula.
To learn more or buy Bravo click button.
Bravo Rev is 14% Hydrogen Peroxide
and is around 45% carbamide peroxide.
This teeth whitening gel system is NOT
for the whitening novice. Also included
in the system is whitening rinse.
Weartime is only 15mins. The system is
manufactured by Premusa. A popular
brand with the dentist.
Daywhite is a top quality whitening
system and fast acting. Available in
hydrogen peroxide formula.
Manufactured by Dentsply.
To learn more about ACP DAYWHITE
click button.
Nitewhite ACP is a quality whitening gel
available in carbamide peroxide.
Manufactured by Dentsply
To learn more about ACP Nitewhite click
Vivastyle is a quality tooth whitening gel
system available in carbamide peroxide.
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Voco is a German dental whitening gel
system and is available in a carbamide
peroxide formula.
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Dental polishers that provide very
effective home dental cleaning.  
Use this system with prophy paste the
special dental cleaner and you can
polish your teeth like a pro.
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Happysmile gel mouth trays are top
quality and can be used with all types of
whitening gels.
Easy to use. Great price. Proven product
that will last years. Free delivery.
Premium product for top results.
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