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Rinse HappySmile mouth trays with COLD water.
So easy to do and offers a perfect fit !
Repeat the process for your bottom set of teeth.
 We also supply mouth tray cases to keep them fresh. Our cases even
have mirrors so you can admire a happy smile!
Slowly wave the mouth trays in the water until the
handle becomes soft and flexible. 
You will notice a slight loss of shape as the trays
Brush and floss your teeth.
Boil the water in a kettle and pour 300ml into a large
bowl or cup.  Then leave the water to cool for 5
minutes or until the temperature reaches 70 degrees
centigrade, which is around 160 degrees fahrenheit.
Do be careful as as boiling water can scald and is
very hot.  Try not to get the water too hot. 
Secure the white thin tray inside the coloured tray
and whilst still holding the handle, submerge the
combined trays into the water, try to make sure the
whole mouth piece is submerged up to the handle. 
Then shake the trays to remove any air bubbles that
may be present.
Place the teeth whitening mouth tray into a bowl of tepid
water.  Leave it for 1-2 minutes, the mould will start to
feel slightly floppy, this is natural.
Remove the trays from the water after about a
minute and test for flexibility.  The material should
be soft enough to mould against your teeth.  Use a
finger to check.  If not, re-submerge the trays into
the water until flexible enough.
Holding by the handle, insert the mouth trays into
your mouth making sure that your teeth are midway
between the walls of the white tray.
Using your fingers, form the tray by pressing firmly
against your teeth and pushing up towards the
gums.  Remove your fingers and try to suck the
water out of the tray, while it is still in your mouth. 
This will make it conform to your teeth better. 
As the dental tray cools it will tighten over your
teeth.  At this stage you should bite lightly on the
tray and loosen it off once without removing it.
Once the dental mouth tray has cooled in your
mouth, which takes about 3 minutes, simply remove
the dental trays.  Separate the white tray from the
coloured blue tray.
The white contoured tray is the custom fitting tray
that will be used for home teeth whitening.
If the mouthpieces extend to far over your gums it
can be uncomoftable.  Simply cut off any excess
material with sharp scissors.  Smooth over any
sharp edges by reheating in warm water and
applying finger pressure. 
Remember that your mouthpieces needs to only
cover your front eight or so teeth as these are
usually the only ones that need whitened. 
Snipping off the back section of the mouthpiece may
make it more comfortable to wear.  
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