collect it from the post office or re-deliver it back to your address.
Q. Does HappySmileUK accept ordering from outside of the UK?
A. Yes.  Free shipping worldwide.
Q.Do you supply Dentist brands?
A. Yes
Q. What are your delivery times?
A. We ship very fast upto 7 days.
Q. What about customer returns?
A. If a product is faulty we will replace it free of charge. 
Q. What happens once I have placed my order online?
A. You will be sent an order confirmation by e-mail.  We will send your
order the same day dispatch.  We send Royal Mail recorded, so if you’re
not at home to sign for it then Royal Mail should either leave you a card to
Q. How do I track my dental order?
A. Simply send an e-mail to 
Q. What is best laser whitening, Gel and trays or strips ?
 Gel and trays as you are fully incontrol of your whitening treatment. Laser
whitening only last a few months and is very expensive. Take-home
systems may take a little longer for your results but it will be worth it !
Q. What is teeth whitening?
A. It is a professional treatment that gets your teeth whiter.  The product is called
dental bleach and the active ingredient is carbamide peroxide or hydrogen
peroxide. Dental bleach contains oxygen so it deep cleans the enamel.
Q. How does the home teeth whitening procedure work?
A. You will make an impression of your teeth at home with our instant
mouldable HappySmile bleaching trays.  You will then apply bleaching gel
inside the bleaching tray and place it over your teeth.
You wear the teeth whitening trays for 30 minutes per day for 14 days.  
Our dental supply company will always be here to offer you all the help
and advice.
HappySmile lines are open from 8.30am-11.30pm 7 days a week.
We supply gel with trays known as “tooth whitening kits” or you can
simply purchase the brand of gel you need and purchase the mouth trays
as a separate item.  The most popular gel strength is 16% to get started.
Q. What are the benefits of teeth whitening?
A. Once you whiten your teeth you will be taking off years of dental
staining due to the staining effect from daily consumption of food, drink or
Most people who use professional teeth whitening products feel more
confident. You will feel good about yourself. You can change your life
today by purchasing the advanced HappySmile dental products.
Q. How white are teeth when using a professional dental peroxide
A. You can experience upto 12 shades+ lighter. It is a gradual process
over 14 days.  You can finish the course earlier if you have the level of
teeth whitening that you desire.
Q. How to use the product?
A. You apply a small dose of gel into the trays and wear them for 30
minutes for 14 days.
Q. What should I do during a home treatment?
A. Only use the product for 30 minutes.  Always read the enclosed
instructions. Keep the gel away from small children.
Q. What is the difference between carbamide peroxide and hydrogen
A. Carbamide is a by-product of hydrogen.  It is a weaker form of
hydrogen.  When you use carbamide peroxide in your dental trays the gel
is activated and a chemical reaction will occur and carbamide will then
break down into hydrogen.
Q. How much hydrogen peroxide is in carbamide peroxide gel?
A. This is the formula.(Simply divide carbamide peroxide percentage by 3).
Q. What is the advantage of using hydrogen peroxide gel compared to
carbamide ?
A. Hydrogen peroxide gel is more rapid and seems to work faster than
carbamide peroxide.
Q. What gel strength should I purchase?
16% Carbamide peroxide if you are new to professional home tooth whitening.
Q. Is teeth whitening safe?
A. Yes.  HappySmile only supply safe and trusted approved brands.
Q. What happens if I get gel on my gums?
A. If you get gel on your gums then simply remove it with a damp cotton
bud or damp cloth.
Q. What about side effects?
A. Minor temporary sensitivity can happen but this can be prevented by
using sensitivity toothpaste during treatment.
Q. Is it safe to use on fillings, veneers, crowns and bridges?
A. Yes.  You can use dental bleach with gold crowns.  Do remember that
dental bleach will not whiten fillings, crowns, bridges or veneers, as it will
only whiten natural teeth.
Q. I am new to teeth whitening. What should I use?
A. Usually people start with 16% carbamide peroxide.
Q. What dental whitening system should I purchase to start?
A. Simply purchase a gel and tray pack and choose the 16% carbamide
peroxide formula. You will need a 10 tube pack.
Q. Is there anything I can do to make the whitening more effective?
A. Yes.  Simply pat the teeth dry with a clean tissue prior to bleaching.
Q. What if I swallow the gel?
A. The gel will not harm you in the quanities swallowed.  We NEVER
recommend sleeping with gels in your mouth.
Q. Should I brush my teeth before use?
A. Do not brush your teeth immediately before whitening your teeth.
Q. How should I store my teeth whitening gels?
A. Teeth whitening gels should be refrigerated or stored in a cool area.
(Gel should be at room temperature before use).  Be careful of heat
producing items such as lights that can increase the temperature of the
gel. The shelf life of gel will be extended if kept cool below 50F.
Q. How much gel should I use in the trays?
A. Simply use enough gel so that it whitens your teeth and apply to the
inside of the mouth trays.
Q. How do I make my Happy Smile home teeth whitening trays?
A. View our guide to making home dental trays.
Q. How long will teeth whitening gels last before they expire?
A. The teeth whitening gels we supply have a long shelf-life of about 18
months if kept cool.
Q. Is teeth whitening permanent?
A. Yes!  Whitening your teeth by this method is permanent.  However,
depending on the amount of tea, coffee, wine and other stain causing food
and drink you consume re-staining may occur.  You may wish to have a
touch up every 3 months. 
Q. How long does the whitening process take?
A. 30 minutes wear time for 14 days using 16% carbamide peroxide. If
you use the 22% then usually you will need only 10 days.
Q. Is teeth whitening suitable for everyone?
A. Dental bleaching is not suitable if you are pregnant or a nursing
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If you are looking for really faster acting gels then try 22% Carbamide peroxide or 9.5% DAY hydrogen.