We work very hard to make sure that you get the best dental products at the LOWEST prices,
backed up by our hard working customer service team who are always here to offer you the
best suppport. We are the experts for professional tooth whitening products!
We are open 7 days a week from 8.30am to 11.30pm so you can always track an order or call
and ask any dental product question. Trust Happy Smile because we care about YOU!
Ordering is FAST as we send the same day.  Delivery takes around 1-3 days by Royal Mail
recorded delivery.  We have safe and secure ordering. You do not wait around for delivery
with Happy Smile as we send same day.  Feel free to call our company at anytime to track
an order and we would love to help you. We are very friendly and highly approachable. 
Fast Delivery- Top Brands- Loyalty Points- Discounts
We have a sterile packing unit where all dental products are handled in a sterile condition,
only by qualified staff.  All dental products are kept at a cool temperature to ensure the
products are kept fresh.  All our products are sent to you in medical sterile packaging that
is tamper proof.  All our products are tested safe. We have been 10 years online so feel
very assured your in safe hands. Only approved dental brands. Only the exact same brands
the dentist would give to you but at a fraction of the price. 
All calls are recorded for staff training & security purposes.
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Sterile Packing & Qualified Staff
Safe Ordering & Fast Delivery
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HappySmile has state-of-the-art cool storage facilities to keep all dental bleaching
products stored in the correct environment. We have invested in our dental supply
company to ensure the products you purchase are in top working condition.