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This image is of our Colgate teeth whitening gel system for home use, this product works for whitening your teeth

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When you order your home teeth whitening gel from happysmileuk, you will be able to do so on a secure server, if you need help and advice then call us on 0870 112 3354 to purchase your teeth whitening gels for home dental whitening.



We sell teeth whitening kits that work !!We stock top brand of tooth whitening gels from colgate dental whitening to pola night teeth whitening gels, and we also sell our famous brand of DentalXL teeth whitening gel.

Happysmileuk tooth whitening Website Update:

01/08/06 - New teeth whitening products added for home dental whitening, We now supply Colgate, Pola night tooth whitening gel and Opalesence.

07/08/06 - We now supply a wide range of Oral health care products from toothbrushes, Mouthwash, dental stain removers and many more products, so please enjoy taking a look at our updated tooth whitening web site !

25/08/06-New Brite Smile pen to go product now in stock- please check our New teeth whitening dental product page click here.


Colgate dental bleach is available in a 10% platinum daytime formula or the 5 % gentle formula.


We now stock Colgate dental bleach to use with your mouth trays, We offer the Colgate Platinum Daytime dental bleach 10% for normal whitening and also the Colgate Gentle plus 5% formula which has been developed for people who have sensitivity issues when whitening teeth.


Teeth Whitening Colgate gel please click here to read more about professional colgate teeth whitening...this is a fantastic dental bleach product from Colgate.


Colagte teeth whitening is a brand leader for home teeth whitening products for home dental whitening


Colgate is a famous brand of dental whitening that people woldwide trust to use with complete confidence, every one knows of the Colgate teeth whitening brand and this dental bleach for home use is now available at Happysmileuk. We have it in stock, so order online or give use a call on 0870 112 3354.


Also don't forget to check out our home dental polishers, dental stain removers, dental floss, tongue cleaners and many, many more new dental products that we now have in stock.


Our site is safe and secure for when you order all your teeth whitening systems,





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