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If you have used tooth whitening products before then you will be used to different dental brands. The HappySmile Superstore has
hundreds of teeth whitening products in stock but if your NEW to professional at home teeth whitening then simply read this page to keep it
SIMPLE  and make ordering EASY.
If you are a novice and are new to professional home dental bleaching then the good news is that it can be very easy to get started doing it
the HappySmile way!
You need two dental products to get started and these are (teeth whitening gels) and teeth whitening (mouth trays) to apply the gel to your
teeth. You simply make some home dental trays and insert the gel. Wear the trays for just 30mins each day for 14 days. Results can be
seen in 2 days!
To learn how easy it is simply see our: How it Works page click here
On our how it works page you will see how to make your happysmile mouth trays at home and you will also see a close up of the trays after
they have made. Notice the high quality dental impression. Only HappySmile original mouth trays offer a custom fit tray system with no gel
leakage and a very comfortable fit.
To get started HappySmile advise using 16% carbmide peroxide and using the HappySmile mouth trays. You will need a 10 tube gel pack
so you can treat your teeth for 14 days.
Popular starter packs include:
HappySmile 10 PACK 16% Carbamide Peroxide with mouth trays included. Click here to purchase HappySmile Starter kit
(The HappySmile brand costs less and offers more gel than other brands.)
SDI Polanight 10 PACK 16% Carbamide Peroxide with mouth trays included. Click here to purchase SDI POLA Starter Kit
(The SDI Polanight brand is used worldwide by dentists and patients a very popular product. Our SDI gel kit prices is very low. We also offer
discount codes and loyalty points plus FREE delivery on all dental orders.)
Our teeth whitening gel kits include high quality dental trays to use at home that offer an excellent dental impression, they are very
comfortable to wear and are fit for purpose.  Our trays should not be confused with the thick cheap rubber types found on other sites that
are simply sports mouthguards. Our trays are made for home dental bleaching treatments and can be used with all brands of carbamide
peroxide or hydrogen peroxide gels. We also have a dental lab and can make you a set of custom made mouth trays. You can either use
HappySmile trays for now then upgrade later to custom lab made teeth whitening trays. If you order custom mouth trays we will send you a
home dental impression kit for you to return to our lab.
We offer the exact same services as the dentist but without the high charges.
It is best to start with 16% Carbamide peroxide if you are new to home tooth whitening, you can always upgrade to the stronger 22% at a
later stage.
It is best to do a top up teeth whitening treatment every 3 months to keep your teeth as white as possible. You only need 30 mins wear time.
A full course is 30 mins a day for 14 days. You will see results in only 2 days.
Side effects: No long term side effects are reported. Some people may experience some temporary tooth sensitivity but this can be avoided
by following the 30 min wear time rule and also using some sensitive toothpaste during treatment. If you do get temporary sensitivity then
you can always call our customer services to order a professional desensitiser gel that will stop any sensitivity this can be sent our by
special delivery for next day delivery. Most people find home dental bleaching easy without any problems. We only supply high quality
dental whitening brands that are fully tested and that are dentist approved. The gels you see on this shop are the exact same brands a
dentist would give to you for professional home teeth whitening treatment. All the products we supply are made by highly respectable dental
manufactures usch as SDI Pola, Dentsply, Ultradent, Crest, you can order in complete confidence knowing that you will be using a safe and
fully tested dental brand.