The teeth whietning dental shop from, safe and secure ordering, excellent customer care, online and offline ordering, top quality dental whitening products and Fast delivery, and we are a dedicated established dental supply company- contact us anytime as we are always happy to help you, we treat all customers with a person touch as we truly do care about you, we make shopping a happy experience, order online from the experts' think Happy Smile UK, you can always contact us, and we ship worldwide, we are a British Dental Company with a caring and dedicated attitude, (Teeth whitening products- 0207 298 6117- call now we care about you.)



 Happysmileuk is a company you can trust to buy your dental whitening products, we offer excellent teeth whitening systems the best you can buy and we also have very secure online order for peace of mind, we have been around since 1999 and have got an excellent reputation online and offline our customers include people from all walks of life- shop with a company that does care about you, most of our customers shop with us by word of mouth as we truly do offer a good service-


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Professional strength teeth whitening gel, (the same brands as the dentist provides but a fraction of the price), Shop online with Happysmileuk the one stop shop for all your teeth whitening needs. We have Safe and secure online ordering or please call our order line on Tel 0207 298 6117.



This is the home dental polisher system for cleaner whiter teeth, it is a very effective dental product for stain removal, this product is made by RIO and you get lots of gadgets with this device such as dental mirror a FREE case and much more, it comes with free dental polishing paste, please note we also sell ORAL-B prophy paste too for only 12.99 this is great to use with this device and will see your dental stains go away in less than 5 secs, say goodbye to dental stains forever with the home dental polisher from click here to view product.

Click here for the Happysmileuk home dental polisher system from only 29.99. The home dental polisher is fantastic at dental stain removal, you will have wished you had used one of these years ago ! And we also now sell the Oral-B prophy paste that the dentist uses- you can now polish your teeth at home the professional way !

 Ever wondered what the dentist uses to get patients teeth white ? The secret is out...they use polanight, don't just take our word call any dentist and ask them about ( SDI - POLANIGHT-teeth whitening), this is the brand you too can here for details or please see the site at for details also check out the online video at We suply this sdi polanight product at very affordable prices.) width=

Click here for Polanight teeth whitening dental bleaching gels.The polanight brand is the exact same dental brand that the dentist uses.

This is the new colgate visible teeth whitening dental bleach, it is a top quality product that provides fast acting teeth whitening treatment, it is safe to use and is available in a super strong hydrogen peroxide formula, it is also very affordable- click here for details.

Click here for the new Visible teeth whitening dental bleach from Colgate. This dental product is brand new and we are proud to sell this well known family brand, this is a high strength bleaching gel in a hydrogen peroxide formula, we have a wide selection of strengths.

 This is the Britesmile pen set, due to popular demand we have had to get them back into stock, they are fantastic, you can take them with you on the go, whitening teeth is very easy, and this product provides dramatic whitening results, Happysmileuk has had excellent product feedback, they are very good value, you get 3 pens which will last you upto 2 years whitenng treatment, the results from using this pen set is amazing, the product is a bleaching product and uses the latest dental technology, get yours today as your going to be 100% delighted, ideal for both Men and Women, take yours to work, use it in the car, this product looks fantastic and the results from using it is excellent !- click here for details- price 59.99 for 3 pens- You could also share a pack with family or friends.

The New Brite Smile pens 2 go are now back in stock due to popular demand, they are excellent for teeth whitening, they have proved to be very effective, they work very well and are easy to use when whitening your teeth, take them with you where ever you go: Click here for the BRITESMILE teeth whitening brite smile pens.







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Polanight teeth whitening ( same brand as the dentists uses)

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(Fast delivery time- UK allow 3 days- Europe 4 days USA 5 days)- We have Secure easy online ordering that is 100% secure: or call us on Tel 0207 298 6117





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Click below for our Top selling teeth whitening systems:

Polanight teeth whitening Gel from £34.99

Bravo teeth whitening Gel from £34.99

New Colgate Visible whitening dental bleach from £39.99

Advanced Brite Smile Products - latest dental technology from £12.99

 Ever wanted lazer teeth whiteng at home, Well now you can with the happysmileuk home  blue light lazer systems only 29.99- click here for details.


The New Happy SmileUK Home laser teeth whitening system is now in stock read more. We now have in stock the blue light laser systems that is very effective in speeding up home bleaching procedures, our advanced blue laser light is also very affordable at only £29.99 - Click here for the home laser teeth whitening system.

The BriteSmile pen 2 go system is a product that uses the latest dental technology, the pen2go system is fantastic and people will want to take it with them anywhere on the go ! - You can whiten your teeth at work or in the car, this product works and you simply press the pen on your teeth and leave it to dry then brush the soloution off and you end up with very bright whiter teeth, Happysmileuk has had very positive feedback about these products, they are excellent value for money as you get 3 in a pack which will last you upto 2 years treatments- order your pens2go today ! We also sell the Britesmile toothpaste and the Britesmile mouthwash which yet again are fantastic quality the best you will have ever seen, get your smile whiter with BriteSmile Teeth Whitening products from

The Brite Smile teeth whitening systems are very unique and have been developed using the latest dental technology, they offer excellent teeth whitening results, and are very easy to use, the Brite Smile Pens 2 go are a must have ! Take them with you to work or on the go and simply whiten your teeth the easy way, these teeth whitening pens are very popular.

Brite smile pens 2 go back in stock due to demand !

Brite smile pens 2 go- £59.99

Brite Smile Mouth wash - £12.99

Brite Smile tooth paste -£12.99

Brite smile Complete Package.


Need professional home tooth whitening trays to use with your dental bleach ? Then get a pair of the Happysmileuk trays for use at home with all dental bleach gels, excellent teeth whitening results - now only 14.99..

Click to view product details on our Happysmileuk teeth whitening trays, these are excellent quality and easy to use and comfortable to wear

Buy Your trays online today. Click here for details on our home mouth trays to use with our teeth whitening gels.

Click here to learn how easy it is to make them at home, these trays are excellent for home dental bleaching gels and offer a great alternative to custom lab trays. Our trays are very comfortable to wear.

Click here to find out more information on the PlakRX dental device, great for removal of tartar and plaque, you also get a dentist mirror !Click here to view the tooth stain eraser device, this product is excellent for dental stain removal, infact it is a must have device, great for keeping teeth whiter, it is safe to use and comes with full instructions- please click here to view details.

"Plak-RX Scalers" and the "Tooth stain eraser devise" for good dental care, the Scalers will remove tartar and plaque and the tooth stain eraser will remove dental stains, they are very easy to use and are very effective, We sell both items for only £12.99 with Free Delivery- (add these to your shopping cart they are excellent) !

Please click here to view dental stain removal products. (These 2 items are a must have and are very effective for dental stain removal-they also help to keep your teeth whiter and cleaner !)






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