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What is at professional tooth whitening using dental peroxide?

It is a professional treatment that gets your teeth whiter and the product is used in the comfort of your own home. The product used is called dental bleach or dental peroxide and the active ingredient is either carbamide peroxide or hydrogen peroxide.

Fact: You can only use dental peroxide to make teeth whiter. Products that do not contain dental peroxide will NOT get your teeth whiter.  Products sold on the high street or in chemists that do not contain peroxide can only remove surface dental stains not deep dental stains. It is when you remove deep dental stains your teeth become much whiter.

What is the difference between carbamide peroxide and hydrogen peroxide?

A very popular question asked by the public and dentists. Carbamide peroxide is a by-product of hydrogen peroxide. When carbamide is used in the mouth it breaks down to hydrogen peroxide. Carbamide peroxide is the most popular selling product as it is more gentle and is still as effective as using hydrogen peroxide.

How do I get Started? Click this link to learn HOW in 3 easy steps.

Do you sell all professional dentist branded teeth whitening dental products direct to the UK/EU general PUBLIC?

NO. All the products we supply are restricted to registered dentists only. If you are member of the general public and want to obtain HappySmile dental gels then you need to ask your dentist. If you are a dentist you can e-mail to obtain the HappySmile brand. We are the direct manufactures of HappySmile patient whitening treatments and we do not supply the HappySmile patient brand to dental dealers or members of the general public.

How long is delivery ?

Ordering is very easy. We send to your dental surgery very fast.

(UK delivery 1 to 3 days. Usually next day but please allow upto 3 days )  Europe 3 to 5 days.  USA 1 to 3 days. Rest of the world up to 14 days.

How do I pay HappySmile for my dental order?

We accept Visa & Mastercard & we also accept Paypal.  (All major bank cards accepted )

If you select Paypal and you are not a Paypal member simply select:  (pay with the card option) and use your bank card it is that easy safe and secure you do not have to be a member.

Are the products HappySmile supply all approved safe and trusted brands ?

Yes. We only supply official approved brands that dentists would give to a patient for professional home teeth whitening treatment that have been manufactured by leading dental supply companies. The brands we supply are dentists suppliesfor professional patient take-home tooth whitening treatment.

How should I store my dental bleach when it arrives in the post ?

Always keep the dental bleaching gel products in the fridge or cool place. Please always keep your dental bleach products aways from small children.

How does dental peroxide work ?

It works by oxygen as soon as you use dental bleach you will notice it "bubble and a froth and will start to activate" this is how the oxygen treats the deep dental staining.

When you brush your teeth toothpaste you can only remove the surface staining it takes dental peroxide to remove "deep enamel" staining. You will see hundreds of whitening toothpastes in the supermarkets and even whitening sytems but they do contain "dental peroxide" so it is impossible they can remove deep dental stains they only remove surface staining.

If you want a model white smile then dental peroxide is the product you have to use.

It is easy to get started to whitening your teeth the dentist way- see our starter kits that include gels and instant home trays. All our dental products are safe tested and work with amazing results!

Please do see our customer video testimonials on our websites to see the difference dental peroxide can make to your teeth you will be shocked at the difference that can change your smile.

Always think "HappySmile" because when you use our products you will be 100% delighted !   

How long has been established online ?

HappySmile (2003- 2014.)

When I shop online at HappySmile is it secure?

YES. We only use trusted online payment systems. Your card banking details are kept on bank servers. So ordering is safe and very secure. You will be directed to the banking servers when you make payments.

How do I make my HappySmile teeth whitening mouth trays? Simply see the how it works tab on our menu bar.

Does HappySmile make custom fit LAB dental lab trays for customers? Yes see our dental shop to purchase this service

We simply send you a kit with full instructions this includes a kit with mouth bite trays and dental putty and you simply mix two putty materials together put them into a dental tray and bite into it and then send them back to our dental lab and then we return your custom lab made trays.

We use the same GDC  registered dental labs the dentist use but our prices are at a fraction of the cost, you also get a free helpline included in the service.

Please click here for a youtube video on how to take your own impressions at home on how the procedure works and how to take your own dental impressions  click here to watch DEMO video

You can purchase the dental lab custom tray service from our dental shop. We offer a fast service and all our trays are made by GDC lab technicians the services takes around 7 to 10 days if not sooner.

How does the teeth whitening procedure work?

30 Min's a day x 14 days treatment. (Never sleep wearing mouth trays. Dental peroxide only has an active life of 30 min's)

How the teeth whitening procedure works click here

What are the BENEFITS from using dental peroxide teeth whitening gels?

1. A Whiter Brighter Confident HappySmile!

Once you whiten your teeth you will look years younger.  Whitening your teeth the professional way can take years off your age. If you smoke it can make a huge difference. If your want to look nice then your smile will show the world how good looking you are just get ready for the compliments!!

2. Good healthy teeth & healthy gums.

Good Oral hygiene using dental peroxide  can prevent dental cavities, gingivitis, and bad breath. (Dental peroxide kills unwanted dental bacteria).

3. Do remember confidence starts on the inside but it shows in a smile

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How white are my teeth when using a professional dental peroxide product?

You can experience upto 10+ shades lighter (A1) . It is a gradual process over 14 days. You can finish the course earlier if you have the level of whitening you desire.

Upto an A1 dental shade is possible in just 14 days of treatment. 

What product should I purchase?

Have a look at our starter kits on our dental shop. Start with a full course 10 pack (16% carbamaide peroxide) mid strength with a set of mouth trays. You will see our kits  include  Happysmile trays that are easy to make them please use this link How to make HapppySmile TRAYS

The dental brand you select is upto you.We have a wide range of products/brands simply select your order and purchase online. Your order will be sent same day. If you are in the UK please allow upto 3 days delivery, but usually orders will arrive next day through your letterbox. 

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How to use the teeth whitening gel product ?

EASY. You SIMPLY apply a small dose of gel into the mouth trays and wear the mouth trays for 30 min's each day for 14 days. (You apply an even stroke of gel to the inside of the trays that will cover your teeth) Do not overfill the mouth trays with gel. (Less gel is better than too much gel). Keep gel stored in the fridge. If you get any gel on your gums during treatment simply use a wet tissue or cotton bud to remove it.

Is it safe to use teeth whitening on dental fillings, veneers, crowns and bridges ?

Yes. You can even use dental bleach with gold crowns. Do remember that dental bleach will not whiten fillings, crowns, bridges or veneers as it will only whiten natural teeth.

Is there anything I can do to make the whitening more effective?

Yes. Simply pat the teeth dry with a tissue prior to bleaching.

What if I swallow the gel?
The gel will not harm you in the quantities swallowed as it is non-toxic. We do not recommend sleeping wearing teeth whitening trays in your mouth.

What about side affects?

Minor temporary sensitivity can happen during treatment but this can be prevented by using the Happysmile brand.

Should I brush teeth before use?

Do not brush your teeth immediately before whitening. After whitening simply use a very "soft tooth brush" and be gentle and remove the gel.

How should I store my teeth whitening gels?
Teeth whitening gels should be refrigerated or stored in a cool environment.

How much gel should I use in the trays?
Simply use enough gel so that it whitens your teeth and apply to the inside of the mouth trays the side that covers the teeth. Simply use an even stroke of gel around the trays.

Is teeth whitening permanent?
Yes! Whitening your teeth by this method is permanent. However, depending on the amount of coffee, tea, wine and other stain causing food you consume re-staining may occur.

When should I top up my treatment?

You may wish to use a touch up every 3 months or when needed.



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